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EMDR: Advanced, Effective Therapy

Denise M. Perron MSW, RSW


All individuals have a place within themselves where they are healthy and experience well-being. Difficult experiences such as trauma, loss, family dysfunction, illness or drastic life changes impact on how we function in life. At times, good intentioned strategies for coping turn into unhealthy patterns, which may manifest as relationship problems, addictions, chronic pain, illness, problems at work, depression, anger or extreme stress. Therapy from this perspective supports people in identifying with the part of themselves that is healthy. In connecting with their healthy authenticcore, individuals will intentionally choose strategies and lifestyles that best serve their lives and relationships.

The Practitioner

Denise Perron has a Masters Degree in Social Work with experience in the field since 1979. Her clinical background includes work with mental health, addictions, trauma and recovery, stress management, occupational or life transitions, critical incidence stress and work with couples, families and children. She works from a holistic perspective and uses many different therapeutic techniques suited to your individual needs. Denise is also experienced in program development and evaluation. She is a certified EMDR Practitioner and an authorized EMDR Consultant with EMDRIA. She has authored and published works from her research on addictions treatment, vicarious trauma and women’s career choices.

Denise’s ongoing professional development includes anl interest in mindfulness based techniques for health and healing. Her holistic interests and her background training in Qigong have also lead her to a deep interest in the relationship of emotions and their influence on the physical body.

Counselling fees may be covered by your Employee Benefits Package, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Employee Assistance Programs, Victim’s Services, and Medical Insurance or under the Department of Community Services. Contact your service provider or insurance company to see if a Registered Social Worker is covered under your plan. Alternatively, if you have an EAP program contact your representative to see if this service is covered.

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