Engaging in consultation on clinical work can be a great way to increase confidence, inspiration, creativity, maximize clinical results and prevent vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.  It is highly encouraged that all health care professionals have a healthy support system and clinical consultation is one aspect of that support system that is very valuable.

As a trauma and mental health therapist since the early 1980’s Denise provides clinical consultation to agencies and individuals in the form of individual and group consultation and continuing education.  Denise has experience working cross culturally and in a variety of different clinical settings.  She is willing to travel and sessions are available both on-line and in person.

Specializing in EMDR Therapy and as a registered EMDR Consultant with EMDRIA she also provides both individual and group EMDR Consultation for those who want to improve their EMDR Therapy skills or gain EMDR Certification. 

As an EMDRIA Consultant in Training (CIT), Emily Bushell provides clinical consultation to individuals and groups regarding the practice of EMDR. Emily is as passionate about honing her own clinical skills as she is about encouraging and supporting other clinicians to do the same. Emily appreciates the importance of life long learning and makes it a priority to stay current with research and therapeutic interventions. As a CIT, Emily is happy to provide consultation to EMDR therapists about integrating EMDR into their current practice, assisting clinicians complex cases and provides consultation towards EMDR certification with EMDRIA.

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