Wholetherapy provides counselling services to individuals, families, and couples

Counselling and Consulting fees range in price and range in length.  Please discuss the cost per session with your practitioner as well as the expected length of each session.

Third Party Coverage

Counselling fees may be covered by your Employee Benefits Package, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Employee Assistance Programs, Victim’s Services, and Medical Insurance or under the Department of Community Services. Contact your service provider or insurance company to see if a Registered Social Worker  or a Registered Counselling Therapist is covered under your plan. Alternatively, if you have an EAP program contact your representative to see if this service is covered.

Insurance Providers:

Counselling by a Registered Social Worker or a Registered Counselling Therapist is often covered by insurance plans in Nova Scotia; However, it is your responsibility to check your own insurance plan before attending your first session at Wholetherapy. Clients typically pay upfront for services and submit their own receipts for reimbursement; however, there are select policies that do allow us to bill directly to your insurance provider. Please check with your own Extended Health Benefits Provider before your first session to determine if your eligibility.  The following list of providers are known to cover counselling services:

Medavie Blue Cross

Great West Life


Sunlife Insurance

Green Shield Insurance

Non-Insured Health Benefits for Aboriginal people or other publicly funded services

Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

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