Education and Experience

I have completed my MA in Counselling Psychology  with Adler University and my Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology  with Cape Breton University.

I have been working with clients in need of mental health and substance use services with Fraser Health and Coast Mental Health.  I have provided individual and group counselling support to individuals dealing with a wide range of issues. I have provided counselling to individuals handling severe mental illness and substance use difficulties, individuals dealing with homelessness and poverty as well as individuals who have been more recently diagnosed with mental illness.

My clinical counselling training  focused on trauma, coping skills, and addiction. I provided one on one counselling, group psychotherapy, and psycho-educational workshops. My supplementary training focused on  one-on-one counselling with individuals coping with grief and loss, life transitions, anxiety, parenting issues, and depression.

In terms of research, my focus has been on stressful life events that occur amongst mature adults. For my Master’s thesis, I  researched the specific strategies and factors that led to wellbeing in people who provided care for a family member or spouse  facing terminal illness. I was interested in learning about their wellness during their loved ones illness and following their death. I also investigated obstacles that interfered with wellness for these caregivers and what resources would have made it easier for them. Since completing this research, I have given workshops in the community to bring the wisdom and knowledge of those who have done well to others who could benefit from these experiences. The resilience of bereaved caregivers was the focus of my honours thesis. I established a meaning-making model of  the construction of meaning for bereaved caregivers.

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