*New: Sydney Massage Therapist*

Welcome to Wholetherapy, Courtney!

Courtney Munroe RMT

Courtney is a registered massage therapist and a member of Massage Therapist Association of Nova Scotia (MTANS). 

Her interest in massage began in 2015, emerging from her belief that the body and the brain are intimately connected and the desire to provide a service that could benefit the individual both physically and mentally.

Courtney has practiced across Canada. Her treatments are unique, as she believes in tailoring them to the individual needs of her client. She aims to provide a therapeutic, but relaxing experience to calm the mind and ease bodily tension.

Courtney has additional training in kinesio taping, hot stone massage, cupping therapy, and aromatherapy, which she is capable of incorporating into a client’s treatment upon request. 

Book online now or get in touch with Courtney for your initial massage!

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